Frequently asked questions

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What are the greenhouse made from?

They are timber frame greenhouses, using corrugated perspex. The perspex is UV treated therefore it will not go yellow or brittle over time.

Do I need to prepare the ground before Installation?

No….. as long as the ground is cleared and relatively level.

Can the greenhouse be fixed to the ground?

Yes – if installing onto grass we can peg it to the ground using timber, or if going onto concrete it can be screwed on.

Do I need to have concrete/chippings/soil etc down before installation?

No – Our greenhouses can be fixed/installed onto any type of ground.

Is there ventilation?

Yes, the Perspex we use is corrugated so the air flows through it.

Can windows be fitted?


Is there a warranty?

The company we get both the Perspex and timber from offer a 15 year guarantee.

Will the timber rot if left on grass?

Not for a long time, we cover the bottom with DPC (damp proof course) which creates a barrier and saves the timber.

Can it be painted?

Yes by the customer (after installation), we don’t paint.

Can there be two doors?

Yes at an extra cost of €150

What is the smallest?

8ft wide by 6ft long

What is the largest?

12ft wide x 28ft long.

Can rainwater be collected from the roof?

Yes it can

Can the greenhouses withstand the Irish Storms/weather?

Yes we have installed all over Ireland and have not had any issues.

Is there a delivery charge?