Artificial Grasses

Artificial grass by HEPTAGON HOUSES for maximum comfort

Our artificial grass strives to make the best first impression. Our collection offers a great diversity of product and contains something for everyone!

We supply all of the following. NOTE: pile height refers to (grass height)

  • Baron 50 – 50mm pile
  • Natural Deluxe 42 – 42mm pile
  • Save 40 – 40mm pile
  • Stream 30 – 30mm pile

Rolls – rolls come in 2 meter or 4 meter widths.  Our grass can be purchased in lenghts ranging from 1m to 25m.

Weed Barriers – We also recommend to purchase a weed barrier for under your artificial grass.  Our Geotextile weed barrier or Pressure Canvas weed barrier are an essential part of installing your artificial grass.  Both act as a weed barrier and have an inbuilt drainage system which allows air and water through.   A weed membrane is the best way to ensure weeds do not grow up through your artificial grass.

See our weed barriers in the shop.